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What's covered?

  • Hull Insurance
  • Cargo insurance

Transport Insurance

Marine Insurance:
Due to the increase in trade activity in import and export operations it has become essential to take needed precautions against possible dangers which goods and transporting vehicles might face. Because of our commitment to customers' benefit and financial well-being, we offer the following insurance services in the area of marine transportation:

1- Hull Insurance
Includes cover to any damages of the ship, hull, and / or fixed machinery plus third party liability
that might arise from an accident covered under the policy.

2- Cargo Insurance
Covers all types of goods while transported by Sea, Air or land as from the source to the destination against air or sea risks of the voyage and under the LIoyd's Institute terms:
Institute Clause (A).
Institute Clause (B).
Institute Clause (C).
Goods While Transported By Road (In land transit):
Provides cover for losses or damages of goods (caused by an accident covered by insurance) due to road accidents such as collision, overturning, fire and explosion.
It is also possible to extend the policies to cover war and strike risks during the course of transportation (by land, sea or air).
Open Cover Policy:
This policy provides insurance for one year (or as agreed) to all imported and exported cargo related to the insured according to pre-agreed conditions.