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 نحيطك بالأمان  توزيع فائض التكافل  إفطار رمضاني  الإسلامية السورية للتأمين تشارك جامعة حلب بندوة حول التأمين التكافلي  سورية تشهد أول عملية توزيع فائض التكافل
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  Balance of data

The results of SIIC business for 2009:

  • SIIC was ranked the 4th position among other 13 insurance companies (tradional & islamic) in the second quarter with net insurance premiums reached 184.443.974 S.P and 5.31% from the insruance market.
  • SIIC was also ranked the 8th position for the second half of year 2009 with net insurance premiums reached 256.322.441 S.P
  • SIIC 's business devloped between 1st quarter and 2nd quarter of the year with a percentage of 167.78%
  • SIIC 's production size reached 341.026.125S.P until 31/8/2009