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 نحيطك بالأمان  توزيع فائض التكافل  إفطار رمضاني  الإسلامية السورية للتأمين تشارك جامعة حلب بندوة حول التأمين التكافلي  سورية تشهد أول عملية توزيع فائض التكافل
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  Fire and thives Insurance

With the big leap in the field of industry and commerce nowadays it's imperative to have means that grant full protection and peace of mind to factories, institutes and other businesses, along with other measurements that guaranty compensation for losses resulting of dangers facing homes and properties caused by fire or other harms.

And that's what the Islamic Insurance Company seeks though these coverage plans presented:

Burglary Insurance:

Indemnifies the insured against damages or losses which occur to the insured properties caused by theft and / or theft attempts provided that it is caused by means of violence (breakage – depositions).


Fire Insurance:

Indemnifies the insured against material damages which occur to insured properties caused by fire and / or risks covered by this insurance.


Contractors All Risks:

Indemnifies the insured against the losses and damages which result of the covered risks (material damage) in addition to the third party liability.


Public Liability insurance:

Indemnifies legal liability towards third parties due to bodily injury and property damage.


Money Insurance:

Indemnifies the insured for the loss of money as a result of theft and fraudulent acts by specified employees that transfer money and when available in safe.


Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

Indemnifies employers for losses that incur as a result of dishonest acts by employees.