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 نحيطك بالأمان  توزيع فائض التكافل  إفطار رمضاني  الإسلامية السورية للتأمين تشارك جامعة حلب بندوة حول التأمين التكافلي  سورية تشهد أول عملية توزيع فائض التكافل
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  Motor (Vehicle) Insurance
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  • bmw
  • citroen
  • fiat
  • ford
  • honda
  • jaguar
  • mazda
  • toyota
  • volkswagen

*Best Cars in the world for 2009

Since car insurance has become an essential need in avoiding damages resulting from encountering hazards, our company provides a car insurance that does not conflict with the Islamic fundamentals

Insurance types and provided coverage

Compulsory (Obligatory) Insurance

Includes coverage of the legal liability to third party and passengers; personal and body injury, property damage, Work interruption, death and disability.

Supplementary Insurance

 Covers expenses of insured vehicle within limits of insurance amount

Fire of covered vehicle.

Theft of covered vehicle.

Driver coverage: for body injury, Work interruption, partial or total disability and death


Policyholder has the freedom to fix his or her car at the vehicle own dealership or outside the agency based on the company's evaluation or in an affiliated workshop.

The policyholder is provided with a car rescue card which includes many services such as: (Car towing, emergency repairs, battery charging (jumping off), and gasoline fueling in emergency situations).

Private cars insured by our company with compulsory and supplementary insurance are provided with a free orange card(stamp fee is required) for covering the car in Lebanon and Jordan.

Orange Insurance Card

A compulsory insurance to cover Syrian cars during their travel to any of the following counties in accordance to the laws observed in these countries participating in the orange card treaty(agreement) which includes:(Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Emirates, Oman and Sudan).