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 نحيطك بالأمان  توزيع فائض التكافل  إفطار رمضاني  الإسلامية السورية للتأمين تشارك جامعة حلب بندوة حول التأمين التكافلي  سورية تشهد أول عملية توزيع فائض التكافل
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  Health Insurance

"Shifa Syria" integrated program is designed to meet the needs of different individuals, it offers options that fit your budget and residence place, by extensive network of service providers spreads across all areas of Syria and Jordan.

It includes the following coverages:

Coverage inside the hospital in Syria and Jordan:

Services of "Shifa" program include the following advantages:
•    Unlimited financial cover.
•    Medical expenses resulting from emergency situations, including work accidents.
•    All diagnostic procedures, endoscopy, and surgical operations.
•    Prosthesis result from an accident covered.
•    Laser and physical treatment related to covered situation.
•    Maternity benefits after the first renewal.
•    Fridge and burial expenses in case of the patient death in the hospital.
•    Radiation therapy, including the linear accelerator and chemotherapy.
•    Cost of Coronary Stent.
•    Patch for hernia surgery.

Coverage outside the hospital only in Syria

In addition to therapeutic services within the hospital, you can also purchase plans for additional medical costs outside the hospital for individuals and families:
•    Ambulatory plan.
•    Prescription Medicine plan.
•    Doctor visit plan.

The program "Shifa" also provides a range of benefits and valuable solutions:
•    Guaranteed renewal Permanent GR.
•    Perpetual Conversion Option PCO.
•    Islamic baby feature.
•    Second medical opinion.
•    Traveler assistance services through the  global company " International Assistance Group"

To view a list of hospitals, clinics and doctors included in the health insurance visit this link