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 نحيطك بالأمان  توزيع فائض التكافل  إفطار رمضاني  الإسلامية السورية للتأمين تشارك جامعة حلب بندوة حول التأمين التكافلي  سورية تشهد أول عملية توزيع فائض التكافل
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  Transport insurance

Marine Insurance

Due to the increase in trade activity in import and export operations it has become essential to take needed precautions against possible dangers which goods and transporting vehicles might face. Because of our commitment to customers' benefit and financial well-being, we offer the following insurance services in the area of marine transportation:

Cargo (good/merchandise) shipping coverage (insurance)

This service is offered to importers, exporters and companies working in directly or indirectly in the business of imports and exports. Where they can cover cargo transported by land, see or air against all kinds of risks and damages that could take place during the process.

And in case of regular shipments, the company offers "the blank (open) marine document", which saves time and money and a lot of paperwork!

Vessel body coverage

It includes ship's body and machineries or private boats and yachts from all possible risks, in addition, it provides coverage against civil liability towards others in case of an accident.